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NAME:     Neuron - Digest of Neural Networks News.

   Description:    Neuron-Digest is a list (in digest form) dealing with all
      aspects of neural networks (and any type of network or neuromorphic
   Subjects:    NATURAL SYSTEMS, Software Simulations, Neurobiology,
      Hardware, Neuroscience, Digital, ARTIFICIAL SYSTEMS, Ana-
      log, Neural Networks, Optical, Algorithms, Cellular Automatons,
      Hebbian Systems, Widrow-Hoff Algorithm, Perceptron, Threshold
      Logic, Holography, Content Addressable Memories, Lyapunov Sta-
      bility Criterion, Navier-Stokes Equation, Annealing, Spin Glasses,
      Locally Couples Systems, Globally Coupled Systems, Dynamical
      Systems, (Adaptive) Control Theory, Back-Propagation, General-
      ized Delta Rule, Pattern Recognition, Vision Systems, Parallel Dis-
      tributed Processing, Connectionism.
   Editor:   : Peter Marvit, Neuron Digest Moderator, c/o Psychology De-
      partment, University of Pennsylvania, 3815 Walnut St., Philadel-
      phia, PA 19104, USA. PH: (215) 573-3991.  FX: (215) 898-7301.
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   Comments:     Moderated.  4-8 digests/month.  2400 direct subscribers
      (but list has many redistribution points and readership may be as
      high as 40,000). Archived.
   Archives    Anon.  ftp., [] in the di-
      rectory: pub/Neuron-Digest. That directory contains back issues
      with the names vol-nn-no-mm (e.g., vol-3-no-02). I'm also collect-
      ing simulation software in pub/Neuron-Software. Contributions are
      welcome. Back issues can also be obtained through the mail archive
      server. Send a message to with
      help as the subject line for more information.
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