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NAME:     ORG-GEOCHEM - Organic Geochemistry.

   Description:    Org-Geochem is an electronic discussion list for organic
      geochemists, and other scientists with interests in organic geo-
      chemistry. Related fields such as environmental geochemistry and
      petroleum geochemistry are covered. Org-Geochem uses the Mail-
      base system to manage message distribution. Messages e-mailed to are automatically distributed by e-mail
      to other list members. Most messages relate to conference details,

      research opportunities, and publication information. Some technical
   Subjects:    Organic   geochemistry,   environmental   geochemistry,
      petroleum geochemistry.
   Editor:   Dr. Bryn Jones, Fossil Fuels and Environmental Geochemistry,
      The Drummond Building, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne,
      NE1 7RU, UK. PH: 091 222 6000 Ex 8628.  FX: 091 261 1182.
   Comments:     Unmoderated. No subscription restrictions. Up to 10 mes-
      sages/month. 200 subscribers. Archived. List type: MAILBASE.
      Administrative address: Distribution
   Archives:    Archived automatically. Access via e-mail (MAILBASE GET
      command _ send the message:  send mailbase user-guide to for instructions on e-mail retrieval),
      anonymous  FTP,  gopher,
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