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NAME:     POLYMERP - Polymer Physics.

   Description:    PolymerP is a discussion group on polymer physics. The
      topics include meetings, articles, software, theories, materials, meth-
      ods, tools, and polymer properties such as solubility, diffusion, vis-
      cosity and adsorption.  Application programs and data of general
      interest ("critical tables") can be sent to the list owner for archiving.
      Files are listed in PolymerP filelist. Volunteers willing to maintain
      a file are encouraged to contact the list owner.
   Subjects:    polymers, materials, diffusion, viscosity.
   Editor:   Peter@Fenk.WAU.NL (Peter Barneveld)

   Comments:     Unmoderated.  No subscription restrictions.  350 sub-
      scribers.  Archived.  List type:  LISTSERV. Administrative ad-
      dress:  LISTSERV@HEARN.NIC.SURFNET.NL.  Distribution  address:
   Archives:    Send           message           INDEX POLYMERP
      to the address: LISTSERV@HEARN.NIC.SURFNET.NL to obtain a list
      of available files. Then send a message GET POLYMERP filename to
      the address: LISTSERV@HEARN.NIC.SURFNET.NL to retrieve individ-
      ual files.
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