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NAME:     PROCESS-L - Process control.

   Description:    To encourage and facilitate the discussion of information
      regarding all aspects of process control and technology, including;
      on-, in- or at-line sampling and analysis technologies; process design,
      integration and modeling; control theory and practice.
   Subjects:    process analysis, process control, process technology, IPC,
      process integration, process sampling, industrial chemistry, indus-
      trial control.
   Editor:   Process Technology Discussion Group, c/o Dr.  Andy Pack-
      ham, Dept. Instrumentation and Analytical Science, University of
      Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, PO
      BOX 88, M60 1QD, UK. PH: 061 200 4899.  FX: 061 200 4911.
   Comments:     Unmoderated. 10 messages/month. 100 subscribers. Not
      archived but some files available on anon.ftp:
      List       type:             MAISER.       Administra-
      tive address: MAISER@FS4.IN.UMIST.AC.UK. Distribution address:
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