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NAME:     QUANTA-L - Discussions of Quanta Users.

   Description:    This list is for users of QUANTA and related programs
      (e.g. ChemNote). Discussion on CHARMm is also welcome here.
      The MSI Scientific Support Bulletin Board mailing lists are intended
      to provide an informal forum for users of MSI products to discuss
      various aspects of the programs. The list is NOT designed to be an
      official channel for product support; all requests for technical product
      support should continue to go through the Scientific Support hotline.
   Subjects:    molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, proteins, nucleic
   Editor:   Dr.  Robert B. Funchess, Senior Support Scientist, Molecular
      Simulations               Inc.,                   16
      New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA 01803-5297, USA.
      PH: (617) 229-9800 x202. FX: (617) 229-9899. EM:
   Comments:     Unmoderated,  No  subscription  restrictions,  10  mes-
      sages/month, 200 subscribers, Archived.  List type:  LISTPROC.
      Administrative address: Distribution address:
   Archives:    Archived monthly.  Anon.  ftp:, WWW:, or via e-mail to (send
      index and then request needed files by sending get filename com-
      mend to
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