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NAME:     WATOC - World Association of Theoretical Chemists.

   Description:    Mailing list for the World Association of Theoretical Or-
      ganic Chemists.
   Subjects:    Computational chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chem-
      istry, theoretical chemistry.

   Editor:   Dr.   Henry Rzepa,  Dept.   Chemistry,  Imperial College,
      LONDON  SW7  2AY,  UK.  PH:  (44)  171  594  5774  or  594
      5809.  FX: (44) 171 594 5804.  EM:  WWW:
   To Subscribe:     Send  a  message  to  subscribe watoc Firstname
      Lastname to the address:
   To Unsubscribe:      Send a message to unsubscribe watoc to the ad-
   To Post:   Send the message to
   Comments:     Moderated. No subscription restrictions. Low traffic. 400
   Archives:    Available              on              WWW:
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