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NAME:     WMCIC-L - Women in Chemistry in Canada.

   Description:    The wmcic-l (women in Chemistry in Canada list) was
      set up as a communication link for women in chemistry to tell each
      other about job opportunities in their universities, or news about
      upcoming speakers or events of interest, etc. This was considered
      to be particularly beneficial to graduate students who were looking
      for post doctoral positions, and for professors looking for new grad
      students and PDF's.
   Subjects:    job opportunities in chemistry for women.
   Editor:   Angela Lyon. EM:
   Comments:     Unmoderated.   No subscription restrictions.   2 mes-
      sages/month.   25  subscribers.   Archived,  but  archives  are
      not  accessible  publicly.   List  type:  LISTSERV.  Administra-
      tive address: Distribution address:
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