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NAME:     WSN _ Water Science Network.

   Description:    WSN is created to facilitate communication between ex-
      perimental and theoretical scientists with different backgrounds,
      whose research interests are related to: water structure and hydro-
      gen bond network, thermodynamic and kinetic properties of water,
      phase transitions in water, hydrophobic effects, hydration forces, wa-
      ter around solutes and water at interfaces, hydration of biomolecules,
      water in membranes, water in cell, experimental techniques for

      studying water properties, computer simulations of water Postings
      to WSN contain: discussions of new ideas and developments in re-
      lated fields, questions and answers about particular problems, biblio-
      graphic information on current and forthcoming books and articles,
      information on funding sources, meeting announcements, position
      announcements, product and service announcements.
   Subjects:    water science, i.e. chemical physics, molecular physics, com-
      putational chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, cell
      biology, molecular biology, etc.
   Editor:  Iosif Vaisman, Laboratory for Molecular Modeling, School of
   Pharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill,
   NC 27599-7360, USA. PH: (919) 966-7821.  FX: (919) 966-6919.
   To Subscribe:     Send message: subscribe water Firstname Lastname
      to the address:
   To Unsubscribe:      Send message: unsubscribe water to the address:
   To Post:   Send message to:   Only sub-
      scribers may post.
   Comments:     No restrictions on subscribing, 480 subscribers, 15-20 mes-
   Archives:    Available from LISTSERV ( send a message with a single line:
      index water to and then use GET command. Ftp,
      Gopher, and WWW access under development.
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