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Subj:  DCVIEW: V2.1 ColorView For DOS
Date:  January 15, 1993

File:  DCVIEW21.ZIP (257651 bytes)

AUTHOR:    Millennium Technologies Corporation
NEEDS:     An UnZIPing Program

Type:      Shareware

ColorView is a color image viewer/converter/editor for the 
DOS environment that this forum recommends to users without 
24BIT or HiColor VGA cards wishing to view JPEG images from 
DOS. In this version, ColorView supports reading and writing 
the following graphics file formats:
o  JPEG (JFIF subset)  JPEG is a highly compressed 24 bit 
   "truecolor" picture file format which has more colors and a 
   smaller file size than GIF files. ColorView dithers 24 Bit 
   images to 8 Bit for all screen displays
o  GIF'87, GIF'89 including animations
o  Windows BMP files (4, 8 and 24 bit, including 8 bit RLE)

ColorView provides: 
o  Floyd-Steinberg dithering
o  Heckbert color reduction
o  Gamma correction, Hue, Saturation, and Brightness controls
o  Sharpening, Smoothing, Embossing, Edge Tracing and other 
   image filters
o  Copy and Paste operations between all supported image formats
o  New Image creation and text drawing functions
o  Adjustable image Transparency Effects
o  "Blue Screen" effects
o  Image Rotation and Mirroring functions
o  Intuitive graphical user interface, with or without a mouse
o  Slideshow mode for uninterrupted image viewing
o  Fast and extremely accurate Image Scaling for reducing and 
   enlarging pictures
o  GIF Animation support
o  Ability to switch graphics modes while viewing an image
o  And much more!

ColorView will work with:
o  Any Text mode display (Batch File Conversion)
o  Standard VGA 320x200 video mode
o  8 bit, 256 color display boards with a VESA driver 
o  15 bit, 32768 color display boards with a VESA driver
o  16 bit, 65356 color display boards with a VESA driver
o  24 bit color display boards with a VESA driver
o  DOS 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
o  640 K or more of physical memory
o  a hard disk
o  80286, 80386-SX, 80386, 80486, Pentium processors
o  Microsoft-compatible mouse

ColorView for DOS (CVIEW.EXE) will run on '286 processors 
and will automatically take advantage of a '386 or better 
processor if one is available. As a result, no configuration 
options need to be set to double the JPEG decompression speed 
when a '386 or better processor is present.

To run ColorView, please make sure that your graphics board 
is VESA 1.2 compatible or load a VESA 1.2 driver, and then type 
"cview" at the prompt. 
Or, if your graphics card only supports standard VGA graphics, 
type "cview -v  ...." where  can include 
wildcards and multiple file names can be specified.

Or, if your graphics card only supports monochrome, CGA, or EGA 
graphics, then please read the CVIEW.TXT manual for instructions 
on using ColorView as a Batch File Conversion program.

Type "cview -?" to see the other command line options.

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