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Subj:  DVPEG: V2.1 DOS JPEG Viewer
Date:  December 18, 1992

File:  DVPEG21.ZIP (120561 bytes)

AUTHOR:    Eric (
EQUIPMENT: 286 or better, Supported Super VGA Hardware
NEEDS:     An UnZIPing Program

Type:      Distribute Freely

DVPEG 2.1 is a .jpg file viewer that spares you the trouble of 
manually decompressing and viewing .jpg files. Best of all, 
this runs in DOS!

This is a list of the supported cards and modes.

Not all cards from a Mfg will support all of these modes.  
In most cases you will need 1 Meg of video ram for the hi 
resolution modes and some modes (like the hi_color ones) are 
recent additions and only supported by the most recent cards sold. 


Features added:
- S3 card support may work.  I think that the cards are VESA compatable
- Diamond Speedstar 24X, 1M Paradise (and compatable cards) 
  support has been added
- N, P when viewing a pic. will go to the next, previous picture 
  without the intermediate text screens
- dvpeg now accepts wild cards in the arguements. ie dvpeg m:house*.jpg 
  will use drive M:, and look for files matching house*.jpg
- tint, contrast, bright controls now work for hi-color if panning is on 
- hi_color users should find that mode selection is pretty 
  well auto_magic so you can turn off the 2nd menu
- If you have a hi_color card you can lock out 256 color modes on JPEGs
- If you have a hi_color card dvpeg will only use 256 color modes for GIFs
- gif viewing is about 10% faster
- you can not pan interlaced gifs and you can only shrink a 
  GIF after it is loaded (if the panning is on)
- a contrast control has been added but it seems to effect the color a bit
- Use F3 to edit the defaults (ie file mask, sort order, 
  dither on/off...) when in vidsetup (these can be saved when you exit)
- F6 (in dvpeg & vidsetup) is now used to set a directory path directly
- Only very bad errors will now cause the program to exit 
  (ie the program will not exit if given a bad/corrupted file)
- You do not have to run vidsetup anymore but you should to set 
  up the defaults (F3, F4, F5, F6)
- For much better speed force greyscale viewing or one pass quantization
- You can view a file quickly by using:   dvpeg picture_name
- F1 is always help
- You can turn off dithering for greater speed (just before 
  you view the picture)
- Custom modes (hit 'c' in vidsetup) are now possible. 

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